The New Pilates…
is beyond Pilates

New Pilates is a systematic approach to improving mobility and strength. After about 14 years of working with a variety of clients, I came to the conclusion that just about every client that I was training had one main concern: mobility or loss of mobility. If joint ranges diminish, we not only lose the ability to move well, but the appearance of a well toned body also begins to diminish. So, it's no joke when we realize that the thigh & butt start to look like one part, because the reality is that these two parts begin to work as a single part.

The system of training that I've been using addresses this as the singlemost important part of building a really strong and agile body. It's really all about building a solid foundation that is going to support you as you take on any physical challenge.

New Pilates is a progressive training experience that explores and improves joint ranges and core strength. Many forms of physical conditioning result in joint stress, leading to wear and tear, which eventually leaves you with poor range of motion. New Pilates is the answer, and within a short period of time, you will be amazed by the physical gains.